About Our Kittens

Looking for a healthy, well-adjusted Ragdoll kitten? We can provide you with one!  We focus on matching families with the perfect kitten. Our Ragdoll kittens are excellent family pets, great with children, accustomed to other cats and dogs.  They are great for condo living as they are an indoor only cat.  They are very intelligent, social and easily trained to fetch a toy or walk on harness with you.  We will assist in making the transition from our home to yours as smooth as possible and encourage questions and comments.  We also encourage clients to keep in touch as their Ragdoll kitten grows – we love pictures!

We have new kittens!!  Kittens are starting to be offered out to those on our wait list — website will be updated as kittens reserve.   Accepting deposits for a spot to select kittens from our spring litters!! 

Stella – seal torbie mitted and Teddy Bear – seal point — just missed having Valentine’s Day kittens by a few hours!!  Their litter of 4 fat boys will be available when colors start to show.  They will include both mink and traditional boys – one is for sure a seal point mink — too soon to know with the remaining 3… They will be added to the website in a few weeks.

Reserve your spot to be able to select a kitten from one of the current or upcoming litters!!
Current breedings will have kittens in all colors and patterns — place your deposit to get on my waitlist for a spring kitten!!

Litter 1

Sire:  Bakerviewrags Teddy Bear (Seal Point Mink)

Dam:  Bakerviewrags Good Golly Miss Molly (Blue Lynx Point Bicolor)

DOB:  February 1, 2018

Molly and Bear are the proud parents of 5 very cute babies!!  They are all mink and look like all will be seal (one may be blue) – some will be lynx like momma and all will be mitted.

This litter is all reserved, more kittens/litters expected in a few weeks — will be more mink as well as traditional kittens in most colors and patterns.  If not yet on our waitlist, place a deposit to be able to reserve either one of the remaining kittens below or expected kittens!!

Litter 2

Sire:  Bakerviewrags Teddy Bear (Seal Point Mink)

Dam:  Whiterockrags I Love Lucy (Red (Flame) Lynx Point Bicolor)

DOB:  February 5, 2018

Lucy and Teddy Bear are the proud parents of 2 very cute babies!!  Lucy`s babies are cute as can be!!  They are both red lynx mitted mink.  One of these very handsome boys are still available!

Litter 3

Sire:  Whiterockrags Jackson of Bakerviewrags (Lilac Point Bicolor)

Dam:  Bakerviewrags Tiger Lily (Red (flame) Lynx Point Bicolor)

DOB:  February 7, 2018

Tiger Lily and Jack are the proud parents of 1 chubby baby!!  He is as cute as can be!!  He definitely will be red (flame) and bicolor like momma – he could also be Lynx like momma – will be able to tell better as his color comes in!  This handsome boy has been reserved!

Litter 4

Sire:  Bakerviewrags Teddy Bear – Seal Point Mink

Dam:  Bakerviewrags Simply Stellar – Seal Torbie (Tortie/Lynx) Mitted

DOB:  February 15, 2018

Stella and Bear are the proud parents of 4 adorable kittens!!  They are 4 males and as cute as can be!!  3 of the boys will be red (flame) or cream mink and the 4th boy is a seal lynx mink.  The 3 cream could also be Lynx  – will be able to tell better as their color comes in!

Two of the red mink boys are still available – individual pictures of kittens in a few more days!!