About Our Kittens

Looking for a healthy, well-adjusted Ragdoll kitten? We can provide you with one!  We focus on matching families with the perfect kitten. Our Ragdoll kittens are excellent family pets, great with children, accustomed to other cats and dogs.  They are great for condo living as they are an indoor only cat.  They are very intelligent, social and easily trained to fetch a toy or walk on harness with you.  We will assist in making the transition from our home to yours as smooth as possible and encourage questions and comments.  We also encourage clients to keep in touch as their Ragdoll kitten grows – we love pictures!

We have new kittens!!   Not wanting to be outdone by the ‘Royal’ Birth – Jazz & Jackson welcomed 6 new babies yesterday!!  4 boys and 2 girls.  It will be a few weeks before their pictures will be sent out to those on the selection waitlist to select their furrever kitten!!

Accepting deposits for a spot on the waitlist to select kittens from our late spring litters!!  New litters expected in late April & May!!

Reserve your spot to be able to select a kitten from one of the upcoming litters!!
Current breedings will have kittens in all colors and patterns — place your deposit to get on our waitlist for a spring kitten!!

Litter 1

Sire:  Whiterockrags Jackson of Bakerviewrags (Lilac Point Bicolor)

Dam:  CH Maleficent of Bakerviewrags (Seal Lynx Point Mitted)

DOB:  March 27, 2018

Jack and Mallie are the proud parents of 7 very sweet kittens!!  4 males and 3 female.

Sorry, all these sweet babies are reserved!!!  New litter expected within the next week or two!!

Litter 2

Sire:  Whiterockrags Jackson of Bakerviewrags (Lilac Point Bicolor)

Dam:  Bakerviewrags Bluebelle (Blue Point Mink (Sepia))

DOB:  February 26, 2018

Jack and Belle are the proud parents of 2 very cute little girls!!  One is a blue mitted mink and the other girl might be a lilac mitted mink – time will tell if she is mink or traditional!

This litter is being offered out now to those on the waitlist – the website will be updated as to availability as kittens reserve.

Litter 3

Sire:  Whiterockrags Jackson of Bakerviewrags (Lilac Point Bicolor)

Dam:  Bakerviewrags Lola (Blue Point Mink)

DOB:  March 4, 2018

Lola and Jack are the proud parents of 3 very cute babies!! All 3 are female and all are still to young to tell if they are going to be mink or traditional.  At this time my best guess is that they are all 3 traditional – one blue and two lilac – and all mitted.

These cuties are all reserved!