Available Ragdoll Kittens!!

Purrfect Christmas Gift for your family!!


We Have KITTENS  available  – some kittens a bit older – for those who don’t want a tiny kitten and some younger kittens- Any of our kittens can be held for Christmas!! 

Looking for a healthy, well-adjusted Ragdoll kitten? We can provide you with one!  We focus on matching families with the perfect kitten.

Our Ragdoll kittens are excellent family pets, great with children, accustomed to other cats and dogs.  They are great for condo living as they are an indoor only cat.  They are very intelligent, social and easily trained to fetch a toy or walk on harness with you. 

We will assist in making the transition from our home to yours as smooth as possible and encourage questions and comments.  We also encourage clients to keep in touch as their Ragdoll kitten grows – we love pictures!

We assist our clients in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia – Washington as well as Oregon and Idaho in receiving their kitten or cat without needing to ship – ask how we can assist you to receive your kitten!

Shipping is available at an additional cost.  Also available is a pet courier – providing hand delivery in the cabin to your local airport – available to most states including Alaska – at additional cost.

We have KITTENS available…bring a bundle of fun and love into your home and life!!  All kittens currently listed as available below are being offered at a REDUCED PRICE for Christmas!!  Just pick your dream kitten – request additional pictures to be sure and inquire on price of adopting!!   

Updated December 2, 2023

Cindy’s Kittens

Sire:  Bo Didley (Bode) of Bakerviewrags (Fawn Lynx Point Mink)

Dam: Longfellow Cindy of Bakerviewrags (Cinnamon Point)

DOB:  June 6, 2023

This is a very sweet litter!  From left to right they are:

Cinnamon Point Female  – AVAILABLE

Lilac Point Female – AVAILABLE

Lilac Point Female — AVAILABLE

These little ladies are ready for their new homes.  Have had their full kitten core vaccines, dewormed ready to go!!  Two lilac point girls and a cinnamon point girl.  The lilac is a soft almost grey color to their points.  The cinnamon is the newest color in the Ragdoll world – similar to the reds, but with a bit more of a brown tinge to their point color – sort of brick rusty color – VERY new and unique!  They are full of fun and love.  All love to play like crazy but will settle and snuggle whenever you want them to!!  Best of both with these kittens!!

Let me know if interested in individual pictures or information about one of these gorgeous kittens!

Mindy’s Kittens

Sire:  Bakerviewrags Boz Scaggs (Seal Point Bicolor)

Dam: Bakerviewrags Mindy (Fawn Lynx Point Mitted Mink)

DOB:  July 29, 2023

Only one mink in this litter and does he ever stand out from his littermates!!  All very different looks in this bunch of sweet babies!! From left to right:

Seal Point Bicolor Mink – Male  – Reserved

Seal Point Bicolor – Male — AVAILABLE

Seal Lynx Point Mitted – Female — Reserved

Chocolate Lynx Point Mitted – Female — Reserved

Seal Lynx Point Bicolor – Female (Reserved)

This litter of cuties will also be ready for their new homes near the end of October!!  They are a playful, adventurous bunch of purr babies!!

Let me know if interested in individual pictures or information about one of these adorable kittens!

Georgia’s Kittens

Sire:  Bakerviewrags Maddox  (Seal Lynx Point Mink)

Dam: Bakerviewrags Georgia (Chocolate Point Mitted)

DOB:  August 2, 2023

Two mink and 4 traditionals – with one lonely boy being bossed around by his 5 sisters!!!  A very colorful litter with some lynx, some mink, one mitted and the other 5 points!!

From left to right:

Male – Blue Lynx Point – Reserved

Female – Fawn Lynx Point – AVAILABLE

Female – Cinnamon Lynx Point Mink – Reserved

Female – Seal Point – Reserved

Female – Blue Point – Reserved

Female – Seal Lynx Mitted Mink – Reserved

This litter of cuties are ready for their new homes.  They have had 2 in the series of 3 kitten vaccines, dewormed and ready to join your family!!   They are a playful, adventurous bunch of purr babies!!

Let me know if interested in individual pictures or information about one of these adorable kittens!

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